1940's Marcel Boucher Parisina Double Cockatoo Brooch

A very rare pair of fanciful Cockatoos made by Marcel Boucher in Mexico during WWII, delightfully decorated with swirled crests and tails. At first we thought this piece was brass but all our research tells us Boucher’s Parisina line was sterling. It is not marked sterling and our test is inconclusive (possibly due to the vermeil) but we can find no record of Boucher using any other medium in Mexico (save for brass on the clasps). Measuring an elegant 3.5” in length and 1.75” in width, the brooch is in good vintage condition with a nice patina. Some roughness and discoloring is noted on one bird’s crest (see pic) and the inside cavities of the birds are quite tarnished but no one but you and the ‘Toos will be the wiser! Marked “Parisina” on one side and “Mexico” on the other. A beautiful hand wrought pin from the 1940’s – prepare to be impressed!