1980's JJ Peacock Earrings

Ah the 80’s: shoulder pads, big hair, Flash Dance and flashy birds! You can relive the past (and without those horrid shoulder pads) by perching these Peacocks on your ears, each done in a golden hued metal and roosting atop a black glass stone. They were made by the Jonette Jewelry Company in 1988 and are for pierced ears (natch). The earrings are 1 5/8” long and just under 1” wide with nice detail. They are in good vintage condition with a little wear to the gold that you have to look hard to find and some light use scratches on the stones. There’s also some discoloration on the back, we’re guessing it’s from the glue (see pics). Both are marked “JJ, 1988” and ready to step out at your next retro party or Bird Club bash. A really fun flock, don’t let ‘em fly away!