Art Deco Bird in Flight Pin w/ Celluloid Wings

From the Art Deco era we bring you a Flapper of a different sort – complete with wings of celluloid and feathers of metal. This winged wonder can be found fully flighted in the middle of a circle with a faux pearl nearby and bars below that give it just the right amount of Art for its Deco. Measures 1” in diameter and is silver colored with perhaps brass or copper underneath, and is in good condition save for a little bit of silver wear on the bird’s body and some discoloring where the circle was welded together on the side (original). I have also noted that one of the wing tips has suffered a little damage but this can only be seen when looking for it under a loupe (and if someone is THAT close, well, you’d better like them… a lot!) Unmarked but well made with nice detailing on both the bird & bars and a simple hook closure on the back.