Bob Mackie Cockatoo Clip-on Earrings w/ Box

For those that buck the trends and go without piercings we bring you these on-trend Cockatoo clip-on earrings made by the designer divo Bob Mackie and still ensconced in their original box with paperwork. Done in a doorknocker style with gold tone and rhinestones the enameled Parrot is done in greens, while his wreath perch sports flowers of pink and white. The earrings measure 1.5” in length and 1 1/8” in width and each is signed on the back. They come with pads on the back of the clip for comfort (your lobes will love you) and are in like new condition with a small indentation in one pad caused by the earring (please note the discoloration seen on one clip has been removed since the picture was taken). A gorgeous pair of Parrot earrings that are totally haute, you’ll love ‘em!