Exotic Red & Silver Beaded Necklace w/ Crested Bird Drop

Visions of exotic places with sultry climes and even sultrier women will be evoked when you wear this fabulous necklace for crafted of silver toned, hammered links it stars glass beads of red and turquoise that drip from its 2 strands, beads that are both round and rectangular, matte and iridescent. But the real star is a metal, silver toned crested creature that dangles from the middle of the top strand – perhaps a Cockatoo, maybe a Bird of Paradise - but definitely at stunner!

The necklace is 10.5” in length (10.75” if you count the beads) and features a 3” extender so it can be adjusted to a length of 11.75” (not counting the beads). Unmarked but well made and nicely weighty. It does come with a warning, though: DO NOT wear unless you want to be noticed!