Faux Pearl Lariat Necklace

Now here’s a lariat necklace that every rhinestone cowgirl can approve of, fashioned from a strand of pearls and ending in a pair of colorful birds. The pearls are largish, about the size of a chick pea and are made of hard plastic, I believe (I say this as they are not as heavy as some of the glass ones we have). The birds are crafted of lightweight metal and enameled in vibrant, hand painted hues of yellow, green and blue. They are hollow on the inside (no dragging you down with their weight) and are somewhat open on the sides. The necklace is a nice 46” in length inclusive of the birds and is in good condition aside from a small scratch or two on the pearls from use. A versatile lariat that can be worn in a variety of ways: simply draped around your neck in front, wound around choker style, flipped scarf style with a strand in front, one in back, tied & knotted, or draped down your back to show off your best low cut gown. Faux, fun and fashionable, how can you resist?