Golden Hummingbird Pendant

A golden Hummingbird that’s sure to fly his way into your heart and although his dimensions are demure he’s certain to catch your eye with detail that dazzles. He sports cuts in the metal that give him sparkle and shine and a flighted pose with wings aloft and tail spread that begs to be called real. The Hummer is made of metal and looks very much like gold. The acid test for 10K has proved inconclusive so I’m going to say it’s probably just gold plated or not gold at all. There are markings on the bale but they are too indistinct to see, even with a loupe. The pendant measures just over 5/8” from beak to tail and is .5” tall. The bird is beautifully crafted with a good beak to body ratio and almost certainly artist made. Would make a wonderful gift or a deserving present to yourself. Please note the chain shown in the pictures is NOT included.