Retired Swarovski Belyaka Bird Toucan Pin in Sterling Silver

Ah, a rose by any other name….. Arguably one of the most beautiful pins we’ve ever had this Belyaka Bird pin from Swarovski looks suspiciously like a Toucan to me, but no matter what you call it all can agree – it is simply stunning and the photos don't even come close to its exquisiteness. Its amberina beak positively glows while the blue crystal in its eye and clear crystals on its breast shimmer no matter how low the light.Its body consists of a large faceted blue/gray crystal that captures and reflects light in amazing ways and its tail of six black stones positively gleams. To top it off the back of bird is constructed of sterling silver and is marked “925” along with the Swarovski Swan logo on the back. Measures an impressive 3 1/8” in length and 1.75” in width including the beak. You’ll find it to be weighty, in excellent condition, and possessing a roll clasp on the back. A retired piece from the Daniel Swarovski Paradise Collection, this is one pin you will never get enough of – and never tire being complimented on.

  • Sterling Swarovski Paradise Parrot Pin in Original Box

    Sterling Swarovski Paradise Parrot Pin in Original Box