Sterling Silver Artisan Bird Pin w/ Amethyst 'n Feathers

Unusual? Yes. Intriguing? Definitely. Desirable? Absolutely! From somewhere in time we bring you this whimsical artisan made brooch, crafted of sterling silver in the shape of an exotic bird’s head that is clutching an amethyst stone within its beak. Giving him a rakish aspect is a plume of feathers sprouting from his head, curved lines emanating from his eyes and decorative dots on his cheek. Measures 2 1/8” in length (3.25” if you include the feathers) and is just over an inch wide. Clearly marked “925” on the back along with a roll clasp that functions well. The pin is in good condition, I have left the original patina (aka tarnish) as it is as I find the pin pleasing this way but you may not so we are always willing to polish it up before it flies home to you. Just ask.