Swan Pin with Faux Pearls by Daria

Swoon for Swans? Have a penchant for pearls? Then the melding of the two is certain to capture both your eye and interest. Enter this Swan pin by Daria, made of metal in three separate pieces; body, wing and beak/eye, and liberally adorned with tiny faux seed pearls throughout its wings. Texturizing at its breast gives it even more panache and its condition – excellent – seals the deal. The brooch is nicely weighted and measures 1.5 inches high and wide and will come to you on its original card which proclaims that it was made in the U.S.A.It shows its age via a touch of darkening to the pearl glue in one area and it was likely never worn. Perfect for weddings and atop bridal veils. Both dainty, demure and divine, you’ll love it.