Taxco Sterling & Abalone Peguin Pin

While most Penguins come from cooler climes this colorful fellow was born in Taxco, Mexico and as proof of his tropical temperament he sports a layer of abalone shell atop his sterling personality. As Penguin pins go this one is simple yet sophisticated with detail in all the right places and just enough attitude (think snooty waiter) to keep him from being ordinary. The bird measures 1 7/8” in length from beak to tail, .75” at his widest area and sports a roll clasp on the back. He also sports all sorts of marks including a #3 Eagle that dates him between 1955-1980, “Hencho En Mexico, Sterling”, and a heart with the possible initials of BE inside with “DF” atop it. The pin is in good condition. In the magnified pics I can see a crack or two in the shell but they’re not readily apparent with the naked eye and certainly not with all that swirly stuff going on in the shell. Iridescent, opalescent and rather precious (literally) this Penguin is THE ONE.