The Incredible Dangling Quetzal Earrings

Ah, the quixotic Quetzal, the national bird of Guatemala (and also the name of their currency….) Now this pair are neither National nor current (being in the States and vintage) but they ARE still resplendent, as they are worked in 925 silver and deliciously crafted in delicate detail. The earrings are somewhat tear shaped, with French hook ends and a half-round bead at the top. They measure 2.25” in length, inclusive of the hook and are .75” at their widest area. Both aremarked “925” as proof of silver content but as to their origin? They came to us not from Guatemala but from England! They are in wonderful vintage condition and the etched areas give them a bit of bling. Should these Resplendent Quetzals delight, be sure to see the necklace combo that features this fabulous bird!