Victorian Parrot and Pearl Screw Back Earrings

Old, intricate and decidedly detailed this pair of Parrot earring from the early 1900’s are just the thing for those that like a bit of wonder with their whimsy and esthetic with their antiques. Festooned with glass faux pearls and blue glass beads the Parrot within is made of copper and fastened via a thin, copper wire that can be seen from the back but not from the front. The earrings are of the screw back variety and can therefore be worn by those with pieced and non-pierced ears and are unmarked. They measure 5/8” in diameter and are 1 1/8” in length. They show their age via patina on the metal parts and a loss of luster to most of the “pearls”. A most uncommon pair and certain to be rare if not one-of-a-kind. Like the unusual and utilitarian? LOVE these!