Vintage Convertible Stones JJ Heron Pin

A vintage brooch from JJ that’s a bit of a quick change artist, for at your desire the Heron's stone converts from tortoise to navy or perhaps to gray when the mood strikes. All this is accomplished with the flick of a fingernail as the Heron has a magnet within and each stone a piece of metal without. Made by JJ (Jonette Jewelry) in the 1980s and new old stock, the Heron is done in gold tone and made of metal, while the variegated stones are crafted of plastic. The bird measures 2 3/8 inches in length and .75 inches in width and is signed JJ on the back. It is in like new condition and will come to you on its original Artifacts card, along with the unopened stones. Three in one and oh so fun, you’ll like!