Vintage Enamel and Rhinestone Parrot Duo Pin

These Parrots are an awesome twosome to be sure with orbs of blue that sparkle and shine and necks that take on a glam gleam. The beauty doesn’t stop there for their enamel of blue, green, and red renders them fit for any holiday or occasion and their rhinestone laden tails are a bit flashy as well. The base color of the metal pin is gold, which provides a nice contrast, and speaking of nice their size is, too, measuring just over 2.75” in length and 2.5” in width at the perch area. Although once marked the stamp has been covered with gold metal so it’s anyone’s guess who made it. The brooch is in good vintage condition and well made (the perch is riveted on) with a hefty weight for its size. A grand vintage pin that sparkles just as brightly at night as it does during the day. You’ll LOVE it!