Vintage Iranian Persian Enamel Bib Drop Necklace

A delightful and dainty enamel necklace of Iranian or Persian persuasion sporting Camels, Birds, and flowers and done in a bib style with drops or dangles. Made between the 1920s and 1940s, the necklace is likely silver although I can’t prove so I’m starting it out with a non-silver price (the flood got our testing kit, a new one is on order, will update when it arrives). The necklace measures 7.5 inches when doubled up and once the dangle is taken into account it’s 9.25 inches. The drops are patterned on both sides while the links are not and the whole is surprisingly lightweight and unmarked. The black background makes it striking and the construction alluring. We’re certain you’ll be pleased.

  • 1930's - 40's Cloisonné 'n Copper Bluebird Bracelet

    1930's - 40's Cloisonné 'n Copper Bluebird Bracelet