Vintage Resin 'n Rhinestone Cockatoo Pin

There’s something about this vintage Cockatoo pin that will make you love it the moment it lands. Could be it’s the raised crest that signals a bit of excitement or perhaps it’s the bird’s off-white, resin body that boasts an abundance of feathery detail. Its jaunty pose must be considered as well along with the sparkling stones that gleam from the “Toos tail, wings and crest, and the stone that twinkles from its eye. Its gold toned base is another item in its favor and a roll clasp on the back completes the Parrot picture. Lest we forget it also measures a nice 2.75” in length and 1.25” in width. Minor wear to the gold and some discoloration on the back will not make you love it any less and who needs a mark when you’re THIS cute? Nicely weighted and out of the ordinary you can’t go wrong with this one!