Vintage Sterling Parrot in Ring Bracelet

Parrot in a Ring takes on a whole new meaning when contemplating this vintage sterling silver bracelet for not only are seven of these fine fellows made to circle your wrist but each is contained within a circle of his own.Artisan made, well detailed and hailing from 1945, the Parrots are stamped outward from the back giving them a dimensional appearance, while an unusual sliding box clasp ensures their devotion to you.A patent date of 2368543 stamped on the clasp dates the design to the mid-1940s while the mark of sterling proves its preciousness.Each Parrot measures 1 1/8 inches tall and is 7/8 inches wide, while the bracelet is 7 5/8 inches in length when laid flat. A true treasure you’re not likely to see again any time soon that not only shows your love of Parrots but your fashion sense, too.