Wooden Parrot Necklace and Earring Set

A sumptuous set of colorful Parrots from Ms. Ashley that includes two wooden Parrots on a necklace and two more dangling from a pair of earrings.The birds are gaily hued in turquoise, blue and pink, and they and the beads are entirely made of wood, which makes them light (but not so fluffy).The necklace has two strands at the bottom and is 14.5 inches in length when doubled, while the earrings are 2.25 inches in length from hook to tail. The set has been stored since the 1980s and was unused. The earrings will come to you attached to their original card and the necklace, while still new, does have a paint flake at the end of one tail (if it bothers you can just turn the Parrot around or dab it with some paint of your own). A fun set for a fun you and perfect for exotic vacations and Caribbean cruises.